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Michael Mote

Hi there! I am replying to this message using Outlook 2016. I'm not experiencing any sluggishness. I have seen that with earlier versions of Outlook and JAWS. It wouldn't surprise me if it happens with this one at some point. I did make some adjustments on my computer that helped me tremendously. Most noteably, I stopped Windows from indexing things on my computer. That seemed to help me a lot. Also, it doesn't hurt to use a system that has 8 GHZ running. I've been doing that for the last few weeks, and it has made a big difference.

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Hello Michael,
Thank you for your message. Have you tried using Outlook in Office2016 with the latest JAWS17? If so, have you encountered any sluggishness with JAWS when composing messages? I have heard that this may be an issue and I just want to confirm this before upgrading. I would be using a gmail account and maybe some exchange email through Office365 if that makes a difference.

On 5/4/16, Michael Mote <> wrote:
I use Office 2013 and 2016 on different computers. For what I do with
it, both seem to work well with JAWS. I haven’t found any glaring
issues with Office 2016. Occasionally, JAWS and Office 2013 do not
get along, particulary in Outlook, but that’s been a problem for
years, and even was for me using Outlook 2010.

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Subject: Office 2016 and Windows 10 Question


I am currently using Windows 7 and Ofice 2010 and using the latest
version of JAWS. Is it recommendable to upgrade to Office 2016 with
windows 10 or does JAWS work better at this time with Office 2013? (I
have the option to use either)



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