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Mike and Jenna <schwaltze@...>


My wife and I invested in office 365 business premium for only 162 a year
which lets us use it on 5 devices.

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Nuts, guess that takes care of my earlier suggestion!


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The unfortunate thing for me right now is that I will be retiring from my
full-time University teaching position in several weeks, and my University
doesn't offer Microsoft office software discounts for retired faculty.

I inquired as to whether I could buy the software now, since I'm still
currently employed, but was told that my access to the software would be
terminated once I was officially retired.

Kind of a bummer for sure, which is why I'm trying to decide the best way to
go both economically and practically.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Hi Jason and Tom,

Jason,you are exactly correct. I had the Office 365 subscription whereby I
could download Office to my tablet and my wife's computer. Yes, there were
two installs available and it worked as the stand-alone copy did. Another
thing to check is many companies offer a substantial discount on Office
stand-alone for home use. This could include educational institutions,
private employers, state organizations, etc. I wound up picking up the
stand-alone copy of 2016 for a little over $25 which is much preferred to
paying an annual subscription for Office 365. While I couldn't receive a
refund on the remainder of my year's subscription, it was still worth it to
go the stand-alone route.


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Tom Behler <> wrote:

I am trying to decide whether to go with the stand-alone Office 2016
package, or whether to take out a home subscription to Office 365.

Are there any known Jaws accessibility issues with Office 365, as
compared to the standard Office 2016 package?

If your Office365 subscription lets you download and install Microsoft
Office on your desktop machine, then it shouldn't be substantially different
from the stand-alone package.

However, if you're planning to use Office365 Online, which is a Web
interface rather than a desktop application, then it's completely different
and may not be as convenient or accessible. At least some of the Office365
subscription plans let you install Office desktop and mobile applications on
your devices, so you don't have to use the online Web application.

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