Re: accessible program for taking pictures on tablets

paul lemm


I don't know if there's a similar app/program for windows, but I know the
built in camera on iPhones will tell you as you move the camera around how
many faces it can see in the viewfinder if you have voice over turned on,
which as a blind person lets you make sure the person/persons you want to
photograph are all in the picture. I know this is on the iPhone, but if
something like this exists on the iPhone it makes me wonder if there is
something equivalent for windows.


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From: Pablo Morales []
Sent: 29 April 2016 20:02
Subject: accessible program for taking pictures on tablets

Hi all,
We have here some surface tablet pro 3, and we are looking the possibility
of use this tablets with jaws, and use also this tablets to take pictures.
The Microsoft camera app is not very accessible and Microsoft and FS don't
have any suggestion for something like using jaws to take pictures. I know
that it sound a little bit weird but really we need some blind folks taking
pictures with their tablets.
Any suggestion?

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