Re: accessible program for taking pictures on tablets



         I ask the following based on experience with Android and iOS devices and picture taking, and have not done so with a Win10 device.  Are you using the Camera app or something else?  Are the settings for that app accessible?  Generally, one can set up one's camera app such that touching the screen when the app is active is what takes the picture.

         I'm trying to get a sense of what it is, other than settings for the camera app, that comes into play as far as a camera app being accessible.  One of my former clients used the camera on her iPad with an app that identified the can that she'd hold in front of it (or I guess I should say it's UPC in front of it - and it would indicate when that was seen and it had a lock).  It certainly wasn't difficult for her to manage the camera to take those kind of pictures, although they were not saved.  I've also worked with someone on an Android device who needed to use it for color recognition for work.  That was camera driven, too.

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