Re: JAWS "40-minute mode"

Paul Faucheux

On 4/18/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Hello All,

I have heard reference made to the 40-minute mode for JAWS if you
have a copy that has been installed but not activated/licensed. I only
occasionally need to work with JAWS briefly to either try something out or
figure something out on my own machine. My question revolves around how
that 40-minutes works: Is it 40 minutes total, and then JAWS stops working
and you'd need to uninstall it, or is it 40-minutes over some set interval
of time, say a day, where you can fire up JAWS at a later time and have
another 40 minutes?

hi bryan I no what u mean. jaws will shut down completely once 40
minuites is up then u can reboot to get an additional 40 minuites to
run. jaws will let u no 6 minuits before you are with out speech.
same thing at 5 minuites and again at 3 minuites and again at 2
minuits and fineally at 1 minuit. I hope this helps

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