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David Moore

I think I have this one for you. The two important commands to go back and forth, is ALT+1 and ALT+2. When you launch Skype, press alt+ the number One on the numbers row. That will put you on your list of contacts. Choose the person you want, and then press Alt+ the number two on the numbers row and then press CTRL 1 through 9 to hear that conversation. When you are done with that conversation, press ALT+1 again to go back to your list of contacts again and down or up arrow to another name and press ALT+2 again to read that conversation with CTRL 1 through 9. In short, when you are on your list of contacts, press ALT+2 to go to that conversation and then press CTRL+ 1 through 9, and then press ALT+1 to go back to your contacts, and do the same thing all over again. Hope this helps. I haven't used Doug Lee's scripts for years. Skype works great right out of the box. Have a great one.

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That reports the conversation, but doesn't move there.
The FS tech person said control+tab. This is maybe true with the
Doug Lee scripts, but they won't install on my computer.
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press control 1 through nine.
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In Skype, how do I move from one conversation window to another? JAWS 17, Skype 7.22. FS tech support didn't know, but recommended Doug Lee's scripts. they will install on my JAWS 16 but not 17.

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