Re: Running Jaws/NVDA and Zoom Text as a high bred system for a client

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Hi all,

I have used MAGIC software even  before it was named  MAGIC and have used MAGIC and its   predecessor  with JAWS for almost 19  years.


MAGIC is more responsive and the JAWS commands are the same for both and  work great with MAGIC when both programs are used simultaneously.


To somewhat counter the assertion that magnifying to +11 and above does not work, that depends on the print size  of the document being magnified

For example, some pdf documents might be easier to read for some people if  magnified more simply because if one uses  JAWS and MAGIC  at the same time,

JAWS’ reading speed places the visual reading correctly for the MAGIC user.

MAGIC and JAWS users can hear the word spoken as MAGIC’s  focus hits that word which is  visible  within the sentence.

The focus moves so smoothly when using the JAWS  “say all” that the visual reading is smooth.

JAWS and MAGIC are so well integrated that

The placement of the visual words is easier wherever one wants them to be while giving the user the easy way to achieve rapid reading speeds  with JAWS.


In my  opinion a user  of large print magnification who might consider using JAWS at some time would benefit from using

MAGIC since  one would be learning JAWS commands and JAWS  works so well with MAGIC.


Hope this is  helpful









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Subject: Re: Running Jaws/NVDA and Zoom Text as a high bred system for a client


I would recommend JAWS and Magic together.  This way, the user gets to use what vision she has, and also learns the screen reader JAWS.  Incidently, many of the same keyboard commands work in Magic as well as JAWS.  I would also obtain a Magic keyboard, so she can utilize the shortcut keys that this keyboard provides for Magic specifically.



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Subject: Running Jaws/NVDA and Zoom Text as a high bred system for a client


So, I have a client who is a low vision with a visual acuity of 20 over 800, I assessed her on Zoom text today and she was at 50 times magnification. In my opinion that is really the threshold for any real productivity with Zoom Text. Also she is fairly rapidly losing more vision. I and a co teacher want to push her in the direction of full on screen reader emersion, but I don’t think that the O and M instructor feels the same. I have the ultimate say, but I was considering using a screen reader along side of the Zoom text, and thinking about making a slower transition, but I don’t want to just post pone the inevitable either. I have ran both a screen reader and Zoom Text together for personal training purposes without any major problems. Any thoughts that could give me a little light on the situation would be appreciated.

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