Re: repair jaws?

Michael Mote

Curtis, in my experiences, I have found that one of the best ways to repair
JAWS is through the use of the /type repair command. You have to download
the executeable for the JAWS version you are currently running. For
instance, if your running JAWS 17.0.1806, you would download that
executeable file from the JAWS web-site. Once you have the file downloaded,
you can highlight the file name, and then press shift plus your applications
key. Arrow down to the option that says Copy Path, and press enter. Then,
go to the run dialogue box, by pressing the windows key plus the letter R.
Then press control V to paste the path into the run dialogue. Once you have
done this, you add the following to the end of the path name
"/type repair" without the quotation marks.
Hope this helps!

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From: Curtis Delzer []
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 2:36 AM
Subject: repair jaws?

Hi all. I've had a client who needed to "repair jaws," and doesn't know how.
Didn't it use to be in the add-remove dialog of windows xp and later through
7? Or was it just in earlier installs? Issue is she needs it now and I don't
know what to tell her.
Curtis Delzer, HS.
San Bernardino, CA

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