Re: Help with Combo boxs and JFW

Mike & Barbara <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Dave,

Below are a number of notes that I have saved over the last few years
regarding comboboxes. They are from a number of different people, all with
their own opinions / ways of dealing with comboboxes.

Beginning of Notes;
When you're in a multi combo box, (maybe I don't have that term right), and
you want to select multiple things, how is that done with Jaws? Sometimes
the site will say to select multiple things by holding down the control key,
but does that work? Also, what happens if the things you want to select in
the combo box aren't listed one after the other? I hope I'm making sense. I
can't figure it out for myself, and so figured I would ask here. Any help
here is appreciated.
Thanks, and take care,

After entering Forms Mode, press shift-F8, to open the extended select list.
You use spacebar to select your desired items.

Hi Liz.

To select multiple items in a combobox, hold your control button pressed,
and when you are placed om the item you want to select, press your spacebar
and continue whith arrowing through the combobox still holding the control
button pressed, and select all the items you want.

It is only when you hold your shift button pressed, that you select all the
following items in the combobox.
The control button does that nothing is beeing selected, before you press
the spacebar to do so.
Hans Pauli.

Hi Karen,

I think you should know that some combo boxes are created differently, in
the sense that the page will sometimes change with the selection highlighted
in the combo box, and will sometimes cause Jaws to go out of forms mode.

When you do the alt+down arrow command in a dialog box, it opens up the
dialog box, and let's you go through the options in the combo box without
the page changing, then, when you're ready or have made your selection, you
should close the combo box with alt+page up, and, if the combo box is as I
described, the page will change to reflect your choice in the box.

Subject: [JAWS-Users] Reading links with S, vs down arrow
I have 9.0 and XP home. I noticed when reading the list of links on a web
page, that when using
the letter S, to move down the links, that JAWS misses some of the links.
If I use the down arrow, I get all of the links. Is this right? Also, I
was listening to the audio tutorial mentioned a few weeks ago regarding
the internet and there was mention of using the alt down arrow when in a
combo box. Could someone explain this more?
Thank you. Rich
Subject: [JAWS-Users] Alt+Up/Down-arrow, combo boxes,forms Re: Reading links
with S, vs down arrow

I answered your query on s 'same element' question as it relates to JAWS
virtual cursor and reading through links. I now choose to answer your
current round of combo box related questions. My answer to each question is
in parentheses after it.
"What is the difference with hitting enter and using the alt. down arrow?
It sounds like you have to do both."
(You do, usually.) (See your final question and my answer to it.) "Is the
alt. down/up arrow like a switch? and one does not have to use this
combination when navigating the particular list?"
(No. While navigating the list, you use just the arrow keys. Alt+down
opens; alt+up closes.)
Is a combo box only present for using forms?
(Very theoretical, that question. You will need to 'edit' by choosing an
item from the combo box. At the moment that requires that you hit the enter
key or left-mouse single-click. JAWS interprets this as 'forms mode on'.
Flor Lynch

Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Reading links with S, vs down arrow
A combo box to a sighted user appears as a drop down list that all of the
entries appear when they click on the box. they then move the mouse to the
entry they want and click again. The box then collapses and the selected
entry is shown. In JAWS, first you need to press Enter in the combo box to
enter forms mode. Then press Alt down arrow to have the entire list open or
"drop down". Use the down and up arrows to select the entry you want. Then
press Alt up arrow to close the combo box. Sometimes, a page is designed to
change immediately based on their selection as soon as the value is
selected. This is a problem for JAWS users in that if you just arrow down
through the selection, the page will update immediately on a selection that
is probably not desired. To prevent this, you absolutely need to use Alt
down arrow to open the list and Alt up arrow to close the combo box. The
page will update at this point on these dynamic pages. Don Marang

Hello everyone,
I was on a web site and I wanted to register, so I hit f for forms
mode. I landed in a combo box, and I needed to select something.
Jaws said use your up or down arrow keys to make a selection. As
soon as I hit my down arrow key to look at my choices I went back
out of forms moad. How can I make my selection in the combo box if
I'm always taken back out of forms mode? I'm running jaws 9, IE7,
and windows XP home edition. If anyone could help me out with this
I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
Take care,
Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Making a selection in a combo box
Hi, You never went into forms mode, actually. The f and shift f take you to
the next and previous form control. When you are on a control you want to
use, press enter.

Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Making a selection in a combo box
Hi, Lisa. Try hitting insert control home to take you to the first form
field. Then hit enter to go into forms mode. If you're in a combo box,
open the list box with alt down arrow. Once you made your selection, hit
alt up arrow to close the list box. That should highlight your selection.
I did that today on the Albertsons web site.

Hope this helps.

Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Making a selection in a combo box
Sometimes you need to use the combination of Alt and down arrow to open a
list in a combo box.

Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Making a selection in a combo box

Lisa, another lister provided the following instructions when I asked awhile
The way I always try to deal with combo boxes, is to first enter Forms Mode,
then alt+DownArrow to open them. Then make your selection by arrowing to it
as quickly as possible, (some combo boxes are javascripted so that you are
only given a small amount of time - the item is highlighted, then the form
thinks you've selected what you've highlighted and automatically moves you
to the next stage.

Subject: Re: [JAWS-Users] Making a selection in a combo box
Hi Lisa,
In addition to what has already been said, in my experience, I find it best,
after you've used the alt+arrow keys to open the combo box, then arrowed
down to your selection, and, upon reaching your choice, it's best to close
the combo box with alt+up arrow, as this will complete the selection, and,
I'm assuming, will refresh the page to reflect your selection.

At that point, once the page refreshes, you can simply press the letter C
key for the combo box, and Jaws will take you straight to the combo box,
assuming that it's the only one on the page, if it isn't, you can just keep
pressing the letter C until you get to the combo box you just made the
selection in and continue filling out the form at that point.

I do this because sometimes the author of the webpage doesn't take us into
account, and the fact that we have to arrow through the selections so we can
hear what they are, so if we press tab to go to the next form field, the
combo box will sometimes not make the change we want, and stay on the
original selection, at which point, we have to go back to the combo box, and
redo the selection.

This way, I know it's made properly and I'm not putting my fate in the hands
of someone who failed to take us blind folks into account. Smile.


From: Lisa Belville
Try opening it by first turning forms mode on and then using Alt plus down
arrow. You should hear something about the combo box being open. Now arrow
down to the choice you want. If it's the type of combo box I'm thinking of,
you can just press tab to move away from that box and it should open the
page with whatever choice you selected.

Constipated accountants work it out with a pencil.
Lisa Belville

From: Hans Pauli Sundstein
Hi Dale, and any one on list, that has trubble's with the combo boxes.

I have visited the webpage that you linked to, and have tryed out the combo
boxes there, and there are two different ways to work, whether you are using
Jaws 10 - 11, or earlyer version's.

Well, if someone have disabled the autoforms mode in Jaws 10 - 11, than it
work's just as in the earlyer version's.
So let me begin with the older versions:
When getting to a combobox, press enter, to activate the forms mode.
Than press alt+down arrow to open the listbox, and then arrow down through
the combobox.
You can also use first letter to jump to a particular letter, and than use
the arrow key's to find what you are searching for.
Now press alt+up arrow, to close the listbox, and often the webpage
automatically click's here, otherwise, tab to a button that can be named go
or search or something else, and press enter here.

On webpage's where there are multiple of comboboxes, you sirtainly need's to
make your selection's in any one, before selecting the go/search ... button.

When you have activated the form's mode in the earlyer version's of Jaws,
you only can tab through the fields on the page, and if you want to read
anything of the text information between the field's, you must press the pc
cursor bbutton, to leave the forms mode, and come back to the virtual
When you then again meet's a combobox, you must again activate the forms
mode, by pressing enter.

In Jaws 10 - 11 there are an automatic forms mode, that gives a sound, when
the cursor are placed on a combobox.
Here just press spacebar, to select the combobox, and than alt+down arrow,
and just continue as described above.
When there are pressed alt+up arrow to close the listbox, the combobox
automatically are left, and you can continue to arrow down the page, or tab,
just as you want your self.

I hope that this advice can be helpful to someone.

Hans Pauli.

End Of Notes:

Hope something in these notes has nhelped all or some of you. Take care.

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Someone jump in and help me here. Isn't there a keystroke involving F8
freezes the combo box to allow arrowing without having the screen
dynamically change with each selection?

Dave Carlson
Sent from my Dell Latitude E6520 using Windows 7, San Francisco Bay Area
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The trouble is I cant see what I am selecting, as soon as I use the arrow
it disappears to the next tab before I can see what I have selected.


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Hi Marion,

After you have made your selection in a combobox, you can also press the
cursor key to close a combobox. Take care.

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Try this. When entering the combo box, press enter, then alt-down arrow.
That should fix the choices in place so that you can arrow up and down
without losing them. To exit, press alt-up arrow at your selection.

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Subject: Help with Combo boxs and JFW

Hi all,

I am running Windows XP. Can anyone help with a problem I'm having
the Combo box in the speech setting for selecting the default Sappie5
The box only displays the current selected voice, in my case the fifth
list of eight, if I use the up and down arrows to change the selection,
it's hit and miss to guess which one I land on until I tab back to the
beginning and start again. I run other programmes that use an identical
without this problem, am I doing something wrong?


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