Re: filling out applications for job lead using Adobe DCM

James Malone

Thanks Brian. I ended up copying this in to a word document, and attached and emailed it to my client. Hope this works for her.


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         If she has to fill out the PDF itself, since many are fillable forms, I've found that Reader XI is sometimes a bit more accessibility friendly than Reader DC.  That presumes that the person who developed the PDF form itself did so with accessibility in mind.

         I just tried playing with a 2015 Form 1040 in NVDA and either I've forgotten how to get it to say the name of the field you've landed in to edit or it was not designed such that this information is available.  I could have sworn at one point, when working with a well-designed form, what you were to enter was announced, e.g., last name, first name, etc., as you landed in each field.  That's not happening in the IRS Form 1040, and I thought I'd recalled these forms as being well designed from an accessibility standpoint.  Perhaps they're not.


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