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Michael Mote

Hi Maria.  You may search for these options in the Windows Mobility center app, assuming you have that on your computer.  I’ve seen it on a couple of models, so maybe you’ll get lucky and find it there.  Also, once you have changed the functio keys back to the traditional F key set-up, if you want to use them like sighted people would use them, you will want to press the FN key along with the F key.  I hope this makes since. 



From: Maria Campbell [mailto:lucky1inct@...]
Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2016 10:52 AM
Subject: Function keys


I have acquired a new laptop that will need to have the function keys turned on, because the top buttons run stuff like wireless, brightness, etc.  On my old w7, there's a touch bar for these applications, with the function keys below.

 My question is, how do the sighted handle function key usage when needed in this type of setup?

In other words is there a quick way to handle the multi-function aspect of these buttons without having to go to device manager or wherever, to go from function keys to application keys?

I hope I'm clearer than mud here.


Maria Campbell
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