Re: JAWS 17 and Sirius/XM accessibility.

mike mcglashon

I notice on the XM player though for the app version there is no channel up Nora channel down
Also on the computer online version I can't seem to find it with jaws the channel up and channel down or actually yes I can yes I can never mind that part but the app version doesn't have the tunes your previous into into next channels like the computer does and I can't seem to find the pause button on the computer I my version

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Could yuou tell me whether you are able to consistently access sports
broadcasts yet? I wish there was a link on each page if you entered
on a channel's page. My trial is nearing an end and lately their
system didn't recognize I had flash player. I uninstalled it and now
it won't download and install. Don't worry about this aspect. I know
Freedom Scientific has reached out to corporations to offer them ways
to improve their accessibility and I wish Sirius would work with
someone to help them and me work with the aspects of their system
which I don't understand or cannot easily use. Would you consider
going on Mr. Mosen's webcast. I'm sure he would like what you have
done in developing your conclusions as to how to use the Sirius
website more easily.listen

On 4/19/16, Michael Mote <miketmote73@...> wrote:
Hi there! In a word, yes, the on-line version of the Sirius XM player is
accessible. It's a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of using it, it
works OK. I would also recommend the Sirius XM App for your IOS device.
works even better than the on-line version does.
I would be happy to go more indepth on how to utilize the on-line version
the player. You can feel free to email me off list, and I'll help you out.

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Subject: JAWS 17 and Sirius/XM accessibility.

Hello. I have Sirius/XM Internet Radio. My home radio may have died and I
am not going to replace it because I have had a run of bad luck with their
radios. Is the Sirius/XM Internet player accessible with JAWS 17? I have
tried it out, and it seems somewhat accessible, but if there is anyone out
there who has made this work for them I want tips. I know there has been a
recent discussion about this recently, so not to clutter the list with
repetitive stuff, feel free to e-mail me off list with information.

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