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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Hello there;
Yes indeed, kurzweil does allow one to save
To other formats.

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This isn't completely correct. Renaming a PDF file that JAWS calls "empty"
with a .txt extension won't necessarily make it readable. In my experience,
it never does. An "empty" PDF file must be converted with an OCR program.

Although I'm not a Kurzweil user, I'd also modify the first part of your
message. I assume Kurzweil, like other OCR devices, gives you the option of
converting to other formats, such as .txt, .rtf, etc. If that isn't the case
with Kurzweil, it's a serious limitation and a reason I wouldn't buy it.

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It is quite common for pdf documents to be interpreted by screen-reading
software as empty documents. This is because the pdf file is what is called
an image file. In effect, adobe takes a snapshot of the sender's file and
sends that snapshot to the receiving computer. Although a sighted person
sees text on the screen, Jaws or other speech readers do not hence Jaws, for
instance reports the image as an empty document.
Solution: Scanning software has at least 2 solutions for this problem:
Using Kurzweil scanning software I can print the image document to the
virtual printer. What happens here is that the scanning program scans the
screen as if one had a document on the scanner. Each page of your document
will be virtually scanned in this way and at the end you will be asked to
accept an assigned file name or enter a new one. When saved in this way,
only computers with Kurzweil software will be able to read a document in
this format. I believe that most, if not all software scanning programs do a
similar procedure though I have only used Kurzweil.
The second and just a bit more involved solution is to move the "empty" pdf
file to a folder where you usually keep your documents then using your
scanning software (assuming you have it) select that file through your
scanning program's menu, and save it as a file with a .txt extension. Now
your file will be saved as a text document and at this point, Jaws or any
other screen reading program will be able to read that file.

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When that happens to me I open .pdf using Openbook scanning software. Hope
you have some scanning software.
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i'm not sure what you mean by an empty document that is readable.
If it's empty, there would be nothing to read??

At 04:10 PM 10/17/2011, you wrote:
Is there any way to make a .pdf document which shows up as an empty
document readable by JAWS?


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