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Michael Mote

In speaking with FS about this yesterday, I was told that they do not recommend using JAWS with VMware, but they do say it should work OK.  I’m interested to see how it’s going to perform in the environment that we will be using.  There will be some obsticles that we’ll have to address, much like using JAWS with Citrix.  Ward, how easy is it for you to connect to your remote desktop through VMware.  How responsive is JAWS in that configuration?



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Subject: Re: VMware and JAWS


Don’t know about VMWare but try insert-f10 to bring up the list of running tasks.  I find that works when a window gets minimized and disappears.





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Subject: Re: VMware and JAWS


Hi Michael, 

Please me know if you find any good documentation on it.  I am currently in training and am using it.  The main problem with me is sometimes when JAWS loses focus and I alt+tab I the screen that I was on previously gets hidden and I cannot find it again.  It is still there but I cannot navigate back to it. 


On 4/19/2016 10:32 AM, Michael Mote wrote:

Hi folks!  I am working on a project where we will be using VMware and JAWS.  I would like to know what your experiences have been in this environment.  In doing my own research, I have seen a mixed bag of results.  I would love to find some good documentation on this, so I can know what I’m looking at, when it comes to implementation.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



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