Re: Opening web based PDF documents

Roger Levine <rlstation@...>

Hi Alan,

I had the same problem and the solution was to check the check box “not to check the box within a brouser”. I am running Win10 and  acrobat dc.



From: Alan Robbins [mailto:alan1057@...]
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 6:37 AM
Subject: Opening web based PDF documents




My frustration is growing daily with my inability to open web based links to PDF documents. It happens all the time on my banking site and many others. Here is what happens. There is a link to a PDF document of some type. I click on it and another IE browser window opens up and all I can get to is a button that says open parent document. This does not happen if someone sends me a PDF attachment in an email. I have all the accessibility settings correct in Adobe, including the check box not to open in a browser window. Any suggestions on how to open these type documents?




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