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Gerald Levy

The empty document message means that Adobe Reader is unable to read the document because it contains graphics that Adobe Reader cannot interpret. If you have Open Book, selecting the Freedom Import Printer option from the Adobe Reader Print menu will launch Open Book to scan the document and attempt to convert the text contained within the graphics into speech using OCR. The new convenient OCR feature of JAWS 13 will supposedly accomplish the same thing, but my understanding is that this feature works best on web page graphics, not document graphics. Has anyone successfully converted an empty document into speech using the convenient OCR feature of JAWS 13?


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i'm not sure what you mean by an empty document that is readable.
If it's empty, there would be nothing to read??

At 04:10 PM 10/17/2011, you wrote:
Is there any way to make a .pdf document which shows up as an empty document readable by JAWS?


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