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James Malone

Thanks Mike, Very useful.



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Hi James,


Take a look at the notes below & see if they'll help:

There are many ways of accomplishing turning on Bullets in Word 2010.  Try

Position your cursor at the beginning of the line where you want to insert
your first bullet.
Tap the Alt key to activate the ribbon.
Press H to open the Home menu.
Press U to open the Bullet drop down.
Right arrow once to select a solid round bullet.  Use your arrow keys to
move around to the other options available.  You will have to experiment
with this as I do not know what else is there.
Press Enter when you find the type of bullet you want.
Begin typing your text.
Pressing Enter will drop you down to the next line and add a new bullet.
When you are done press Enter twice to turn off bullets.  You can also use
Alt, then H, then U to open the Bullet menu again and select None.

I hope you find this helpful, as well as find some patients in the future.


From: Ann Byrne

the other way to do bullets is with the applications menu.  Arrow
down to the bullet submenu, and choose the kind you want.  Remember
that if you have already written what you want to bullet, you have to
select that text before choosing the bullet.


From: justin williams
Use Shift control l.   It will automatically put them at the beginning of
the line.  If you want to apply them to several lines, then Select down with
your shift down arrow, and when you have finished selecting what you want,
then hit shift control l.


From: Denny Huff
You can do a control shift l to invoke bullets.
Press enter twice to turn off.


From: Kimsan
Look in the home ribbon or CTRL shift l...

Take care.
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Hi all, How do you create bullets within word?



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