Re: Control, Alt and J

Kimber Gardner

I'm having a similar issue on a windows 7 system running version
17.0.1806. I had previously set the control-alt-J combo as my hotkey
for jaws 16, but even though I deleted that hotkey and attempted to
reassign it to version 17, it still starts up version 16.


On 4/13/16, Jim L <> wrote:
Heya folks,

For awhile now using Jaws 17, Windows 7 64bit home edition the Jaws
shortcut key I have always used to turn on Jaws is not working any more
Control, Alt and J. I now need to change it to Control, Shift and J which
isn't a huge thing but am wondering if anyone else is having similar

I've already checked with hot key search and no other program or anything I
know has taken the shortcut of Control, Alt and the letter J, any
suggestions will be helpful and appreciated.




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