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robert hebert <roberthebert@...>

For anyone not aware, your version of Nod 32 should be updated. Info on how
to do this can be found in their help section. Download and install the
appropriate file for your operating system. You will need your user name and
password. For less advanced users of Jaws, there is a phone number and
evidently they have helped some blind/visually-impaired with the update
process. As per usual, the update is purported to be faster and less heavy
on memory use even though Nod 32 has a good performance rating in this
I realize this post is not entirely Jaws-related however, antivirus and
anti-spyware and anti-malware etc are such an integral component of computer
health and performance that I felt it important to mention this here. In
many cases, certainly mine at present, The Jaws For Windows mailing list is
currently the only one to which I subscribe.

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I have Nod 32 on my PC and it works fine. It works in the backround using
scheduled maintenance checks and updates automatically .



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JAWS13 is in my immediate future, so keep that in mind when answering this

I use JAWS 10 with Vista. For virus protection, I have Microsoft Security
Essentials. That program hasn't caught any bugs yet, and all the components
are on and working properly (according to the software itself). I'm
suspicious. I don't download from unknown sites, but still... Shouldn't
something bad have tried to infect my computer by now? I've had this system
for two years! I think I have a problem. What virus software do you
recommend to use with JAWS?

Lori of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret Rescue of Huron, Ohio
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