Getting JAWS error message of "Unknown script called for links" with the new JAWS version and Internet Explorer Version 11

Tim Ford

[Sorry, first note I sent did not have any text in the body.]

Hi All,


The following started for me with this week’s new update for JAWS 17.  It does not always happen, but often enough that it makes it really cumbersome to navigate a web page using IE. 


Here is what happens.  I am arrowing around a web page in the usual fashion.  I press insert F7 to get the list of links, or insert F5 for a list of buttons and forms.  JAWS will often times say “Unknown script called for links”, and no list appears.


If I move the arrow key around to a different part of the web page and try again, insert F5 and insert F7 work fine. 


I have not tried Firefox or Chrome, so I do not know if this problem exists with other than IE.


This happens often enough that I consider it a major problem, enough for me to uninstall the new update and go back one version.  If anyone else is experiencing this, please let me know, and I will include that information in an email to JAWS tech support.  Please do not email if you are not having this problem.



Tim Ford


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