Re: Footnotes, was Reading headers and footers in word 2010 with JAWS 14

Jason White

I tried Alt+Shift+c while in a footnote pane (Word 2013), but it didn't appear
to have any effect. I did use the JAWS pass-through key and was prompted for
the key to be passed through.

Jason White via <> wrote:

Steve Griffiths <> wrote:
There is a Word keystroke Alt + Shift + C for this. It now clashes with a
JAWS keystroke to convert objects, but if you use the pass through key,
Insert + 3, immediately before hand, it still works.
Thank you, Steve.

Microsoft's documentation says "Remove the document window split" - not an
obvious command for this purpose.

For MS-Word 2016, they also document Alt+Shift+< and Alt+Shift+> to move to
previous/next footnote, respectively.

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