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Absolutely agree about the subject line. I use Microsoft Security essentials for my antivirus. I use to use AVG free, but it became inaccessible due to trial dialogs, presumably for their paid products, popping up. I say presumably because Jaws can't read them or get passed them to open the user interface. Things shouldn't necessarily try to infect your computer, especially if you're careful. Also, these antivirus programs usually work in the background stopping threats without you even knowing.

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Firstly in the future please type in a subject for your message.
Personally I usually just open messages with subjects which intrests
me or which I can comment on and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of
others. The only reason I opened this mail was to tell you to please
put a subject to your mail as it's very anoying to get no subject
messages. Coming to the antivirus yes I would strongly reccomend
antivirus software. I personally use AVG internet security at the
moment, it's not fully accessible with jaws but it's useable.

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JAWS13 is in my immediate future, so keep that in mind when answering this

I use JAWS 10 with Vista. For virus protection, I have Microsoft Security
Essentials. That program hasn't caught any bugs yet, and all the components
are on and working properly (according to the software itself). I'm
suspicious. I don't download from unknown sites, but still... Shouldn't
something bad have tried to infect my computer by now? I've had this system
for two years! I think I have a problem. What virus software do you
recommend to use with JAWS?

Lori of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret Rescue of Huron, Ohio
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