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I’ve had this issue with  outlook 2010 and a more recent version of jaws. I think the issue was the outlook  window wasn’t maximised , I maximised the screen (using the alt  and space bar  to bring up the system  menu whilst in outlook, then scrolling down to the maximise  option), this managed to fix the issue for me, so might be worth getting your friend to try this out to see if It helps





From: chet smalley [mailto:braille@...]
Sent: Thursday, April 7, 2016 5:33 PM
Subject: a question


An individual I know still uses JFW 6.2, and Eudora.

Occasionally, this person, when she opens her inbox hears this:

“no message selected.”

But then she hears, for example:

“56 of 56”

if, in fact, there are 56 messages.

It sounds like there is something blocking JAWS from “seeing” the list; however, there is nothing listed in the windows list of running programs, insert+F10.

Any thoughts?

CMS erie PA

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