Re: Reading headers and footers in word 2010 with JAWS 14

Martin Blackwell

I don’t know if this is the best way to access text in a header, but it’s the one I know. I go to the Ribbon.

ALT + N for the Insert menu.

Then press H or header or O for footer.

Then E for Edit.

That will dump you into the header or footer pane (whichever you chose).

Once you are in the header or footer you can use the up or down arrow keys to go to the other. For example, if you are in the footer and press the up arrow key you’ll land in the header.

When you are done, press Escape to return to the document.


From: Cynthia Bruce [mailto:cynthia.bruce@...]
Sent: Friday, April 8, 2016 6:07 AM
Subject: Reading headers and footers in word 2010 with JAWS 14


Hi All,


Can someone kindly tell me how I can access headers and footers in word documents? I seem to have significant trouble inserting into documents because I can’t figure out where they have ended up, are they formatted properly? I also can’t seem to access the text in a header, for example, when someone else sends me a document.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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