I've had my studio computer for over 5 years, and have had no attacks, and
I've swept it once in a while to be sure.

My wife has had two attacks in the same time frame.

MSE works fine for both of us, protecting and detecting, but no anti-virus
is perfect.

So if you haven't been attacked in two years, and you're using MSE my
opinion is that you're fine, and don't try to fix something that isn't

There are free anti-virus programs out there that you can download and run
to check for virus, if you want a second or third opinion. Malware Bytes is
one, Super Anti-Spyware is another.

Dave Carlson
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JAWS13 is in my immediate future, so keep that in mind when answering this

I use JAWS 10 with Vista. For virus protection, I have Microsoft Security
Essentials. That program hasn't caught any bugs yet, and all the components
are on and working properly (according to the software itself). I'm
suspicious. I don't download from unknown sites, but still... Shouldn't
something bad have tried to infect my computer by now? I've had this system
for two years! I think I have a problem. What virus software do you
recommend to use with JAWS?

Lori of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret Rescue of Huron, Ohio
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