Is there a way to make an application accessible (most likely by writing a script)?


Hi. First of all I must say I have some experience with software development, but really not with the JAWS scripts.

There is one application (Sublime Text editor, if you're interested in the actual product name) which is great but is not accessible with jaws or, more precisely, partially accessible, e.g. menus are read but not some dialogs and, the main problem, the edit area is not accessible (JAWS doesn't read anything from it). Needless to say that makes the application useless as it is a text editor.

So my question is if there is some way to bring up JAWS together with the product in question. It seems like it is using some sort of custom richedit control , possibly developed by the author, but, since I am not very much into GUI programming, I don't know for sure.

I am not asking some one to do it for me (if it is possible at all) but rather point me a direction to research

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