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Nickus de Vos <bigboy529@...>

Firstly in the future please type in a subject for your message.
Personally I usually just open messages with subjects which intrests
me or which I can comment on and I'm sure it's the same for a lot of
others. The only reason I opened this mail was to tell you to please
put a subject to your mail as it's very anoying to get no subject
messages. Coming to the antivirus yes I would strongly reccomend
antivirus software. I personally use AVG internet security at the
moment, it's not fully accessible with jaws but it's useable.

On 10/17/11, ferretdance83 <ferretdance83@frontier.com> wrote:
JAWS13 is in my immediate future, so keep that in mind when answering this

I use JAWS 10 with Vista. For virus protection, I have Microsoft Security
Essentials. That program hasn't caught any bugs yet, and all the components
are on and working properly (according to the software itself). I'm
suspicious. I don't download from unknown sites, but still... Shouldn't
something bad have tried to infect my computer by now? I've had this system
for two years! I think I have a problem. What virus software do you
recommend to use with JAWS?

Lori of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret Rescue of Huron, Ohio
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