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Debbie Kessler

I would think so too.

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On Apr 4, 2016, at 8:02 AM, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:


         What follows is a recommendation based on my reading of documentation.  I've not had any occasion to try it in practice.

         I am presuming you're under Win8.1 or Win10 and on a touch screen machine.  The JAWS documentation notes that the Touch Cursor will be enabled by default in a number of instances, and I'd imagine your Metro screen or desktop on a touch device is one of those instances.  They also mention that if you want the Touch Cursor to be activated by default in other specific applications you have to hit INSERT+V while you have focus on the application where you want the Touch Cursor on by default and select "Automatic Activation" under the Touch Cursor Options Group.  This implies to me that you can also do the opposite, when you have focus on an application (including, I'd think, the OS itself) where JAWS has "Automatic Activation" on by default you should be able to go in to your settings and turn that option off.  Then JAWS shouldn't turn on the Touch Cursor in that context in the first place.  That way you'd boot up to the normal PC cursor, not the Touch Cursor.

          Let me know if this works.


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