Re: Jaws 11 and zwindows 10.


As others have already mentioned, the free upgrade to Windows 10 is only available for devices running Windows 7 or later.  It seems that there have been a lot of questions popping up lately about upgrading very old equipment to Windows 10, and my own personal experience plus observations as a support tech clearly indicate that doing so is not likely to work.  See the thread entitled, Question if laptop will work for W10, on the Windows 10 Screen Reader Users forum for additional discussion.

I also agree with the general point that one must keep one's software at least reasonably up to date for the specific operating system environment in which you intend to use it.  JAWS 10 and JAWS 11 are, by all measures, "antique" now and there are all sorts of issues with trying to keep either alive under Windows 10, even if one could do so.  As already noted, NVDA is available at no cost if expense is an issue and if one happens to have MS-Office 2010 or later installed on their computer a fully functional version of Window-Eyes is available at no cost as well.


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