Re: Jaws 11 and zwindows 10.

david Jennette

Ok, if the computer has Vista you’d have to update to windows seven before you could upgrade to windows ten if you wanted to take advantage of the free upgrade. Let’s also not forget needing to upgrade jaws. It’s my opinion that you’d probably be better off just getting a new laptop. Maybe use NVDA until you could upgrade jaws if expense is an issue.


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Not to mention that there are a lot of other things that are no longer compatible with JAWS 11. If one is totally dependent on an access application to use the computer and doesn't keep that application 100% current, my totally uncharitable opinion is that they shouldn't even try to use a computer. Yes, it costs money to keep an access application up-to-date, but it also costs money to live from day to day.


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Hi, Shane. Only JAWS 16 or 17 is compatible with Windows 10.

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Subject: Jaws 11 and zwindows 10.


Hi guys,
I have Kodi15.2 installed on my Windows Vista laptop. I'm thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 to install Kodi 16, as it currently crashes, that's why I'm running 15.
My question is, can I upgrade Vista to Windows 10, and would Jaws 11 be compatible with Windows 10? And how would I update to 10?



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