Re: JAWS and numbered list in Word

Marianne Denning

I turn all auto features off. If I want numbers, bullets...I put them
in. I have done that with JAWS for many years.

On 3/31/16, Jessica McDowell <jesmcdowellTVIOandM@...> wrote:
I am new to this group and I am hoping this is a good spot for general JAWS
questions (and apologies, some questions may be quite naïve). Let me know
if I am in the right place. I am a teacher for students who are blind or
impaired. I'm trying to hone my own skills using JAWS with Windows.
Running JAWS 16.0 40 minute mode with Windows 7 and Word 2013.
I am noticing when writing a numbered list in Word that when you hit enter,
JAWS does not say next number (says "blank") but it does appear on screen.
It behaves differently if cursor is end of document or in the middle of
document. Feels like you have to do some extra steps to confirm what
numbers are actually appearing in your document.
Is this a known issue or just something quirky happening for me?
thanks so much!
Marianne Denning, TVI, MA
Teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired
(513) 607-6053

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