Re: Files from uninstalled JAWS versions still in my system

David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Hi there;

I suspect the files your speaking about, in the applications data folder,
could be removed.

These most likely are left over folder/files which didn't get removed with
the uninstall process.

There's a folder for each jaws version,
So, again yes, I would say you could remove the folder.

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Subject: Files from uninstalled JAWS versions still in my system

I happened to look in my applications data folder and noticed three
subfolders with JAWS 6 in their names. They are within the FS folder, along
with folders named for versions I've kept installed. These three JAWS 6
subfolders are not empty.

Does anyone know if I can confidently delete these folders, or is there a
risk that doing so will impair shared files?
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