Re: Question about an all in one tablet for JAWS


In regard to having an optical drive, Ted responded, "I was just thinking that installing JAWS from a master disk is the easiest way to do it--one clean, easy step."

And given my recent experiences with FS that's a loaded proposition.  Virtually any time I've reported a problem of any sort they have me download the latest version of JAWS (within the release running on a given client computer) and either reinstall it or do a repair install. 

To be perfectly honest, this sort of policy is far from limited to FS.  I advise my clients in general not to use the discs that come with various devices or pre-packaged software anymore.  No one ever knows how long a given disc has been sitting on the shelf and how many patches or updates have been applied since it was pressed.  I encourage people to go to the support page for the specific thing they're dealing with and to download the "freshest of the fresh" version from there before installing.  I've found that avoids a lot of problems.

I want to have an optical drive because I'm still in the process of digitizing my music collection, the majority of which is on CD.  There's no way to do that if you don't have an optical drive to work with, and I don't prefer to hassle with an external one.


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