Re: A new, but still tiresome, way to reply to messages - Trying to "reply to" messages, without success!




In answer to your question, and for other listers reading this, the fact that I am trying to reply to messages on the “digest” , using the “reply link” provided, may need to be repeated for clarification.  Using ctrl-r works only if I were to be replying to a message that did not come as part of a “JFW digest”, i.e. came directly to me from another lister.  And,I have tried ctrl-r to reply to sender from the “digest”; but, it did not work.  Whereas, I usually have been trying to reply to specific messages within the “digest”, using the “reply ...” link which takes me to the website.  Don’t worry; I will not repeat the long explanation that I sent out recently!  :)  :) 


So, no, I was not replying to an individual - the “short answer”!


It’s really strange that I have absolutely no trouble “muting threads”, using the digest link for this and going to the website.  It’s only a few clicks away.


As I say, what I am doing should work; but, it is frustrating for me to not be able to do something that I was able to do several months ago.  I’ll just have to get over that, and use this “back-door” method for replying “to all”!


Also, I know that I can copy and paste a message sender’s e-mail address into the “To:” field in an e-mail message, do the same with the subject field and send my reply directly to that person, if that is the only person to whom I want to reply.  However, I mostly reply “to all”.


So, thanks for all “replies”.  If this does indeed end up in the “digest”, I will stick with this method.  ...  At least, it will have proven that it works - with much less work than with my last attempt.


Jim H


3e. Re: Trying to "reply to" messages, without success!

   From: Dave Carlson <dgcarlson@...>

   Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 16:23:32 PDT


That command is to reply directly to the sender. Is that what you were trying to do?


Dave Carlson

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