Re: Trying to "reply to" messages, without success!


Well, I am not using the “reply” option.  Rather, I am sending this to Barbara  Mcginnis, who replied to my question, and to the “moderator”.


First, thanks for doing so Barbara.


Currently, I too am using MS OUTLOOK, part of MS OFFICE 2013, with Windows 8.1, IE11 and JAWS latest V: 17 update.


Again, thank you for responding.  This is the second time that I have tried to find out what I’m doing wrong, or what, if anything, may have changed in this regard.  As I said, I have no problem “muting threads”; so, I should be able to do this.


BTW:     I notice that my message did get into the JFW Digest; but, I am not sure if it got there naturally, or if a “moderator” put it on there for me.  If the latter, thank you.


Jim H



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