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Kimber Gardner

Thanks for these instructions. Works like a charm.


On 3/28/16, Mike B. <> wrote:
Hi Anna & Dave,

Dave, did you assign this keystroke to change punctuation yourself? The
keystroke you mentioned, Jaws, Shift + A, doesn't work on my Windows 7
computer running J15, 16, or 17. Personally I've never heard of a Jaws
keystroke that will adjust punctuation on the fly, unless you assign a
keystroke to do so yourself. Below are steps on how to do this:

1. Press, Insert + F2, to open the Jaws Manager, go to, Keyboard
Manager, press enter, navigate to, Default, & tab 1 time to get into the
list of options.
2. In the Default keyboard manager list navigate to, Set Punctuation Level
none. None means there has not been a keystroke assigned.
3. Press the, Alt key, to open the menues, & right arrow to, Action, down
arrow to, Add Keystroke..., & press enter. Or, press, control + A, is the
shortcut keystroke for, asigning a keystroke.
4. Insert a keystroke combination like, control + dash, for example. if the

combination is already being used for another command jaws will tell you.
Doing this in the Default Keyboard Manager, allows this keystroke to be used

in all aplications.
5. Tab to the, Okay button, press the spacebar, a dialogue will open asking

if you're sure you want to modify the default JKM, press the spacebar on
the, Yes, option.

Now, every time you press the control + dash keystroke it changes the
punctuation level. So, press the control + dash keystroke until you hear
the punctuation level you want.

If you ever want to change or remove the keystroke open the Keyboard
Manager, Find Default, Find Set Punctuation Level, press the, Alt key, right

arrow to Action, & arrow down to make your choice of what you want to do.
Take care.
Remember folks, it's tax time! If you add, IRS to the word, the, you get "T

H E I R S". That spells THEIRS!
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JAWS+Shift+A seems to work on my machine.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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What is the key command to change level of punctuation? I know you can go
into settings and do this, but there is a key combination that does it too.
Anyone know it?

Anna E Givens


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