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That is correct. I would have to get approval of the bank sites to do this maneuver. It is something for the future, but not at the moment. It takes time to make something like this happen. I have to build up a certain number of clients before they would even allow me to do something like this and undergo security pressure tests. They don't take something like this lightly and when security is concerned, neither do I. The site is HTTPS at the moment and it is protected against a lot of attacks that can occur. Because I'm dealing with financial software, it is imperitive that I maintain such high security.

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So this program, such as meant and quicken do, does not interface with the bank sites to get quick updates to the data? Is this correct?

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Hi all,
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how your money is spent. Great care has been taken on how you want to sort your finances and will give you an excellent overview of how your money is spent and can help you forcast your finances even before you spend the money. It doesn't interact with your bank, but this isn't something that you want tied to your bank since it is so customizable. You can define your starting balances, deposits, and expenditures in a matter of seconds. Each month starts off fresh and you can see at the end of the year where your money has gone. It is expandable to any category and payment type you want. It keeps track of multiple accounts and gives break downs for each account on the fly. Please take the time to visit
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John Martyn

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