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Maria Campbell

I gave up my online Sirius/XM subscription long ago for the very reason of inaccessibility. When XM ran the show, the player worked beautifully. When Sirius took over, the player stopped working well. Many blind people have contacted Sirius about this issue to no avail.

Maria Campbell

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On 3/28/2016 12:06 AM, Joseph Sickora wrote:
I, Joseph Sickora have been trying a trial subscription of Sirius XM.
Though I get into some of the non sports categories, it is still
difficult to get into a live game. Even baseball is hit and miss
sometimes. I have made my concern a sirius/xm ticket. The system
should have a way that you can type a channel number and its stream
comes up, or there would be a listen link or labeled graphic if one
gets to the channels page. I will go to other lists if necessary, and
I would suggest that anyone having excelent success might volunteer to
host an accessible world show where they demonstrate their method of
doing what I am unable to do. The tabular table display changes made
in version 17 would offer aany deveoloper flexibility in addressing
such problems.


Joseph Sickora

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