Trying to "reply to" messages, without success!




Once before, I requested assistance on how to “reply” to messages since the way to do it has been changed.  I have not heard a response to this, and, again, I ask if someone could send the “instructions” for doing this.  I used to be successful at doing this, and “muting a thread” is still easy to do; but for “replying”, there seems to be 2 “separate” edit fields, instead of just 1.  The first has the “subject”, and the second is “blank”.  However, I enter my reply in this second edit box, and then, I cannot find the “send to group”/etc. links.


Please tell me what I am doing wrong!  In the past, I have been able to help a few other listers with helpful replies to their questions, and have been able to ask follow-up questions.  Now, unless I send in a “separate” response to a specific message, I cannot do that anymore.


Please help!


Jim Hamilton




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