Re: questions about Focus 40 Blue, JFW, and replacing USB cord

Lee Maschmeyer

Hi Brent,

Taking your questions in more-or-less reverse order, you should be able to use any USB cable that fits, but the best thing to do is take the cable you have to the store so they can see exactly what you need.

For the panning, are you using Structured Mode? It's sometimes picky about letting you pan beyond the current line. Try switching to Line Mode and see if that helps or hurts.

In Settings Center in the Braille section you can tell Jaws which is the first cell of the line and which is the last, so you can tell it the last cell is 39. But if I were you I'd talk to FS about getting a loaner while you get your unit repaired. The worst they can do is say No.

The last I heard their hours of operation were quite long, specifically to deal with time zones; so I suspect you have a lot more time at your disposal than you think.



Lee Maschmeyer

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