questions about Focus 40 Blue, JFW, and replacing USB cord

Brent Harding

I have been using my Focus 40 Blue a lot more now that I have started work recently. Before then, I would use it occasionally, and I used it for my previous job for proofreading and reading various things. At my current job, I have JFW 17, and lately, I discovered that dots 4, 5, and 6 on the last cell just don't come up so that Y's feel like K's, and so forth. Is there a way in JFW to tell it that it now only has 39 cells? Also, when I am in read-only edit boxes in our system at work where disclosures sometimes appear, I can't pan all the way through with the panning button like I can for the ones that appear in Internet Explorer. The left rocker switch thing will get it down to the next line, but knowing when I need a line down versus pan makes me have to sound like I'm stumbling, and customers hang up, silently as I might add, leaving me talking to myself unknowingly as my after call time ticks by. Is there an easy way in JFW to make it ding when the next pan will result in nothing so I know it's at the end of the print line, or JFW line, or whatever it goes by when the new line command is called for? Finally, the end of the USB cord that goes into the braille display is beginning to get a little bit of exposed wire, and I want to get a new one so I don't get caught out when the connection is broken enough to be unusable. Is it OK to just use a regular Micro to normal USB cable despite the manual's dire warnings about FCC compliance? FS's hours being Eastern instead of Central time means I would maybe have half an hour, tops, to deal with them before I have to leave in the morning, and they are closed within half an hour of when I officially get done, but completing the last call of the day largely eliminates that time.

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