Re: Jaws and ear pain

Tony Malykh

Thank you all for quick reply!


Did you wear the plastic split during the day? Is your split for the
upper teeth only?
I have a split too and I wear it during my sleep only. I am a heavy
grinder, and I was told that the split only protects the teeth, but
doesn't really reduce the amount of grinding. I tried to wear the
split while using JAWS, but it didn't seem to reduce my ear pain. I
was also referred to a neuromuscular dentist, who told me he can make
a really fancy split that would cover both upper and lower teeth and
prevent grinding completely, but that would cost me around 10000
dollars, so I haven't made up my mind yet.


Good idea. I called Freedom Scientific, but unfortunately they didn't
have any suggestions. I'm sorry to hear about your tinnitus, it musdt
be so frustrating to live with it...


I tried having more breaks during the day. I even tried splitting my
JAWS usage into 4 1-hour intervals with breaks in between, but that
doesn't seem to help. It seems like my ears are sensitive to the total
amount of time I listen to JAWS, and not the timing of the breaks in


On 3/23/16, Robert Logue <> wrote:
Hi Tony. 'I'm sorry. I didn't read your whole story and gave you advice
you didn't need. You've already tried just about all I said.
I sincerely apologize.


On 3/22/2016 8:23 PM, Tony Malykh wrote:
Hi all.

(This is my first message, so I beg your pardon if this group is not
the right place for such a question).

I am a new user of JAWS and I have a weird problem: my ears hurt when
I try to use JAWS for longer than 3-4 hours a day. I am wondering if
anyone has experienced anything like this and if there are any
suggestions on how to solve or alleviate the problem?

Here is my story in more details. Recently I developed some eyesight
problems. I have taught myself to use JAWS, but quickly figured out,
that after 3-4 hours of daily usage my ears start to hurt. I tried
different voices - no difference, my ears start to hurt after about
the same time no matter what the voice is. I tried male, female,
human-like and synthesized voices - all alike. I tried voiceover on
mac too, same result. The volume is set to minimum at which I can
still recognize words, so it is not loud at all. I tried laptop
speakers, external speakers, headphones - no difference. I have seen a
few ear doctors, but none of them have any idea what's going on. I
don't have any other ears problems, except for mild ear ringing, but
that is due to teeth grinding during my sleep.
I can listen to real human voices such as audiobooks or radio
programs for the whole day (12 hours) without any pain.
I am curious if anyone has experienced anything like this. Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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