Sandra Streeter

Hi, Tony,
Have you tried earplugs? I like the ones that are spongy but not too soft, shaped like tiny cylinders (not like a cone); you squeeze one end down (I usually combine a rolling and squeezing motion) small enough to fit in your ear. What I like about them is that they only filter some sound--so, speech and other needed sounds are still available. I attended a Moody Blues concert a year and a half ago, and my mother, who had been used to hearing their mellower tunes when I played them through my bedroom door as a teen, asked why I was putting in earplugs, and I told her that they do have some very loud songs--especially the later ones; I gave her a fresh pair, and she was delighted with them; we got all the necessary sound without ultra-amplification from the speakers and such. The ones I got came from Amazon--I bought a lifetime supply, and carry one in every conceivable bag I take anywhere, to ward against the unplanned fire alarm, loud music, etc. I have both slight age-related hearing loss, and Asperger's-related sensitivity to certain levels of sound or pitches, so they are perfect, when I need them.
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