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None of my issues have been addressed yet i.e. WLM goes to the to field when replying to a message instead of the message body, and when moving around on a list of contacts in live messenger you can't go back or up in the list only down or to the left. Jaws says nothing the other way even though the cursor does move through them. I've also been finding my computer has been freezing a lot lately but not sure if that's an FS issue but I've tried all the obvious things to fix it.


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If so that is a darn rush for a beta product. Just my thoughts. JFW has
always been like that though. Three betas and it's out the door. FS
should release as many betas as necessary, then perhaps a release
candidate then the final release.

Chris Hallsworth
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On 14/10/2011 22:14, Kimsan wrote:
Is jfw 13 out next week?

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