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Hi Ted,
I've tried everything debbie, yourself, & others have suggested, & I can't get a DVD to play.  I'm wondering that if by coincidence that the 2 DVD's I'm working with are defective in some way.  Thank you very much for re-posting your suggestions.
Take care.
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The Open menu under VLC should also do it.  You get there by either right clicking or using the Alt Key.  It gives you several options, one of which is disk.  Look at that menu, choose your options, if any, then Enter on the Disk button; it should take off.  You might also want to try the trick I mentioned yesterday, disabling disk menus, and going with the much simpler menu structure built into the program.  You might also take it out of default, and allow Windows to ask what you want to do with the disk.  That usually does it too.




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Hi Mike


You get VLC to play the DVD from the open with menu option in my computer/this PC once the DVD drive is selected. Now here is what I wrote to the list regarding getting DVD’s to play.

What you do is go to the menu bar and find playback. Activate that, then arrow down until you find the

title sub menu open that and click on the title that you want to play. Also, don’t forget to google “VLC Media Player for windows keyboard shortcuts”







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Hi All,


Running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, VLC, & Jaws 16.  For the life of me I can't get a movie on DVD to play with VLc.  I've tried uninstalling VLC & reinstalling using the custom settings, & no go.  I've set VLC as the default player, & checked the defaults select all checkbox, but when choosing Play with VLc from the context menu I can't get the DVD to start.  Would y'all give me a swift kick as to how to get DVD's to play with VLC?  I know this topic was discussed the other day, & I thought I had saved the notes, but apparently not!  I've tried a new movie from Amazon & also 1 that had been burned for us, & I can't get either 1 to play.  Thanks much.

Take care.
Mike, Go Dodgers!

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