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Gudrun Brunot

Good analogy, David. I'm right down there with you.


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That's exactly what I go through every day. But I just call it "going down a rat hole" when I get dragged into all those ancillary activities.

Dave Carlson
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Sounds like a bummer of a problem, Tony. At the risk of seeming flippant,
I'd suggest that, maybe, your body is taking care of you--we spend way too
much time in front of our computers as it is,(myself included), and your
system is telling you to get up and do something more physical, stretching,
walking around, anything but sitting there. Typical scenario: "I'll just
check my email." So, email leads to a link to check out, a file to download.
File takes time. There is an ad that pops up and plays before you get to the
contents. Next email is an offer from Amazon on those 64-gigabyte flash
drives you think are so great... Link lands you on the toolbar, and you
mutter in annoyance and try to scramble out of there. The tenth of your
email message has a great mini tutorial on how to do something, and you
simply can't pass up saving that in Word on your hard drive... Instead of
ten minutes to check your email, an hour has gone by. Okay, you got the
message, no need to go on... Have you tried breaking the JAWS time up? Two
hours of jawsing, 3-hour break? Another two hours, Two hour break. Then, try
JAWS again and see if it makes a difference. I know, often, there is
something we need to complete, and we don't feel we have the time for such
experimenting. Still, it's the only thing I could think of to try.

Take care,


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Hi all.

(This is my first message, so I beg your pardon if this group is not the
right place for such a question).

I am a new user of JAWS and I have a weird problem: my ears hurt when I try
to use JAWS for longer than 3-4 hours a day. I am wondering if anyone has
experienced anything like this and if there are any suggestions on how to
solve or alleviate the problem?

Here is my story in more details. Recently I developed some eyesight
problems. I have taught myself to use JAWS, but quickly figured out, that
after 3-4 hours of daily usage my ears start to hurt. I tried different
voices - no difference, my ears start to hurt after about the same time no
matter what the voice is. I tried male, female, human-like and synthesized
voices - all alike. I tried voiceover on mac too, same result. The volume is
set to minimum at which I can still recognize words, so it is not loud at
all. I tried laptop speakers, external speakers, headphones - no difference.
I have seen a few ear doctors, but none of them have any idea what's going
on. I don't have any other ears problems, except for mild ear ringing, but
that is due to teeth grinding during my sleep.
I can listen to real human voices such as audiobooks or radio programs for
the whole day (12 hours) without any pain.
I am curious if anyone has experienced anything like this. Any suggestions
would be appreciated.

Thank you

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