Re: firefox

Kimber Gardner

You have to have one designated as your default browser. I forget how
to do that in firefox.

There are some sites that just plain don't work with IE. For example,
the other day I went to the apple site to download an update for
iTunes. With IE I couldn't find the download button no matter how I
searched. With firefox I found it with no trouble at all.

On 3/23/16, judith bron <jbron@...> wrote:
How do I make it my default browser? How do you work with both browsers
installed on your computer?

From: Vanna Song [mailto:truewise.8614@...]
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2016 1:48 AM
Subject: Re: firefox

I have found JAWS seems to work much smoother with FireFo. I only use
Internet Explorer as a back up browser. I have Chrome too for back up, and
seems a lot smoother than IE.


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