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You have already tried most of the things I was going to suggest.

One thing does come to mind.

You might be suffering from a TMJ problem. That is the joint at the back of your jaws. With your teeth grinding and with the extra concentration you probably experience when using computer speech the muscle at the back of the jaw can tighten up. Being as close to the ears as the TMJ is it might be worth having this checked. A dentist can probably determine if that is your problem.

When I was in law school about 20 years ago and really having to use computer speech my dentist told me that I have "world class jaw muscles." I had to wear a plastic splint between my upper and lower teeth at night to allow the TMJ to relax so that it didn't bother me during the day.

I quit wearing the splint shortly after law school and only have the jaw problem occasionally now even though I use computer speech more than ever.


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Hi all.

(This is my first message, so I beg your pardon if this group is not the right place for such a question).

I am a new user of JAWS and I have a weird problem: my ears hurt when I try to use JAWS for longer than 3-4 hours a day. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and if there are any suggestions on how to solve or alleviate the problem?

Here is my story in more details. Recently I developed some eyesight problems. I have taught myself to use JAWS, but quickly figured out, that after 3-4 hours of daily usage my ears start to hurt. I tried different voices - no difference, my ears start to hurt after about the same time no matter what the voice is. I tried male, female, human-like and synthesized voices - all alike. I tried voiceover on mac too, same result. The volume is set to minimum at which I can still recognize words, so it is not loud at all. I tried laptop speakers, external speakers, headphones - no difference. I have seen a few ear doctors, but none of them have any idea what's going on. I don't have any other ears problems, except for mild ear ringing, but that is due to teeth grinding during my sleep.
I can listen to real human voices such as audiobooks or radio programs for the whole day (12 hours) without any pain.
I am curious if anyone has experienced anything like this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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