VLC Media Player

Mike B <mb69mach1@...>

Hi All,
Running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, VLC, & Jaws 16.  For the life of me I can't get a movie on DVD to play with VLc.  I've tried uninstalling VLC & reinstalling using the custom settings, & no go.  I've set VLC as the default player, & checked the defaults select all checkbox, but when choosing Play with VLc from the context menu I can't get the DVD to start.  Would y'all give me a swift kick as to how to get DVD's to play with VLC?  I know this topic was discussed the other day, & I thought I had saved the notes, but apparently not!  I've tried a new movie from Amazon & also 1 that had been burned for us, & I can't get either 1 to play.  Thanks much.
Take care.
Mike, Go Dodgers!

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