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Ann Byrne

Could your computer be hybernating? If you alt-tab through open apps, you might well find the windows logon screen. Press enter on it and wake the poor thing up.

good luck!

At 06:44 AM 10/15/2011, you wrote:
First, perhaps you could tell us what you were doing to cause this behavior,

Also, if you want to do a jaws repair, you need to download the jaws
excecutable, and run it.
You then will receive the option to repair.

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Good morning list:

Some how I messed up my Jaws 12 on my laptop running Windows 7. I am no
longer able to read the Icons on my desk top; I hear "hidden jaws". I have
tried to do a repair on Jaws 12, but have not been able to find the repair
option. Can anyone help me get Jaws reading properly again?

Thanks in advance.

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